Dec 21 2023

I changed the layout. I really like how the header turned out but not feeling the layout and the stylesheet so i might have to re do it again. For now im going to leave it as is.. <3

November 5 2023

So i added some more Music vidoes on the vids page and will add more later. Also added some tours and some Perfumes that Britney spears made. And will add pictures and other stuff coming soon! Also i dunno if i like this header but for now it is what it is. Enjoy. The women in me came out in oct and will try and put up some stuff about it. Will add more soon! enjoy whats on here <3 talk soon!

The first few pages of the book!

As a little girl I walked for hours alone in the silent woods behind my house in Louisiana, singing songs. Being outside gave me a sense of aliveness and danger. When I was growing up, my mother and father fought constantly. He was an alcoholic. I was usually scared in my home. Outside wasn’t necessarily heaven, either, but it was my world. Call it heaven or hell, it was mine. Before going home, I would follow a path to our neighbors’ house, through a landscaped yard and past a swimming pool. They had a rock garden full of small, soft pebbles that would trap the heat and stay warm in a way that felt so good against my skin. I would lie down on those rocks and look up at the sky, feeling the warmth from below and above, thinking: I can make my own way in life. I can make my dreams come true. Lying quietly on those rocks, I felt God.
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